Stop the Southern Boulevard Rezoning!

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City officials are planning to “rezone” Southern Blvd! Rezonings alter city regulations, to allow developers to build big, expensive buildings and displace working class Black and Latino people. If approved, the Southern Blvd rezoning will:

  • Raise your rent and taxes
  • Encourage landlord abuse
  • Evict local businesses
  • Increase police harassment
  • Raise the cost of living
  • Attract wealthy hipsters

But we can defend ourselves!

This rezoning is in an early stage. Similar plans are being opposed in neighborhoods across the city. If we unite and fight, we can stop the rezoning—and we can take community control over development in the Bronx. Are you a member of a

  • Tenant association?
  • Union local?
  • Student group?
  • Block association?
  • Housing program?
  • Motorcycle club?


We will visit your group, explain the rezoning, and tell you how to join the fight to keep your home!

Contact Take Back the Bronx:

bxsocialcenter [at]

News coverage of rezonings citywide at City Limits.

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