About Us

11138684_10205793235686166_1498626735024697818_nThe Bronx Social Center initiative is being coordinated by Take Back the Bronx (TBBx). TBBx has organized in the South Bronx since 2011 for community control of our hoods, and its members are now working to open a radical community space–the first of its kind in the South Bronx.

Besides a very spacious indoor area, there is also a backyard which features a beautiful mural, picnic tables and raised garden beds.

Our space will be community-run and will feature different popular education classes (yoga, ESL, art and crafts, media production),¬† host reading groups, serve as a meeting space (for organizing around police brutality, tenant issues, workplace problems, etc.) and a people’s library.¬† We also want to take advantage of the spacious outdoor area and build a sustainable garden to grow vegetables.

4279153_1429659174.3212_funddescriptionTo get ready for our grand opening in a few weeks, we need building materials and equipment to renovate the space. This also includes  furniture for the indoor space and gardening equipment for the backyard area. Please see our wish list page for ideas.

TBBx is a non-funded grassroots organization that has been working in the Bronx since 2011. We organize against police brutality, community violence, slum housing and worker exploitation, and for community power and control. See our Facebook page for some highlights.


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