Smash the Machine

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This piece reveals why the politicians in our borough serve landlords, developers, bosses and investors at our expense. And it explores what we can do to take community control of our neighborhoods. We made a printable copy that you can download here, and share for free with your tenant association, student group, church or union… [read more]

Stop the Southern Boulevard Rezoning!

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City officials are planning to “rezone” Southern Blvd! Rezonings alter city regulations, to allow developers to build big, expensive buildings and displace working class Black and Latino people. If approved, the Southern Blvd rezoning will: Raise your rent and taxes Encourage landlord abuse Evict local businesses Increase police harassment Raise the cost of living Attract… [read more]

People’s History of the Bronx: Starts Nov 1st!

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“People’s History of the Bronx” Youth Program Orientation starts Tuesday, Nov 1st, 4-6pm At Bronx Social Center (970 Prospect Ave, left basement entrance) Download PDF application here, and email! The “People’s History of the Bronx” is an after-school program that gives the opportunity to high school students looking to complete their community service hours… [read more]

Cookout Kicks Off Summer 2016

We kicked off summer 2016 with a cookout at the center, which included a flea market, free health screenings, and presentations by all the programs running out of the space.

We Have A Sign

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Some paint, some sealer, some hard work–and we have a sign outside the center! And, it can be put up and taken down by hand any time.

Supporting Friends, Family and Comrades Behind Bars

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The Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee–the only union for incarcerated workers in the U.S.–meets out of the social center once a month. They recently hosted an event on the ongoing prisoner strikes in Texas and Alabama, and are working to build support in our communities for a national prisoner strike this September. Learn how you can… [read more]

February is Tech Month

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This February the center hosted Tech Month, a series of events themed around creative community uses of technology. Workshops included how to use social media to combat negative imagery of womyn, using mapping software to create community gardens, how to build your own cloud server, and how to make “soft circuits” integrating circuitry and fabrics…. [read more]

First Open Mic of the New Year

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Packed house for the first Live From The Underground open mic of 2016! The Bronx Social Center will be hosting these open mics on the first friday of every month from here until infinity.

A Library Grows in the BX

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The Bronx Social Center now officially has a lending library, thanks to generous donations from Verso Press, PM Press, AK Press, and the center’s volunteers. We have titles on the following themes: Black Struggle Women’s Studies Latin American Studies African Studies Middle East Studies Art and Culture Socialism and Anarchism Fiction Poetry Philosophy Children’s Books… [read more]

We’re ready: Grand Opening Friday Aug 21st

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After getting the assist with drywall from a crew of youth learning construction, and putting in a lot of hours ourselves painting and cleaning, the time has come: the Bronx Social Center is ready to open! The opening will feature a cookout, a martial arts demonstration, and an art opening into the night. Check Facebook event… [read more]

  • Paint rollers and headlamps

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    We’ve been hard at work painting the space. Lots of help from our young friend with the safety goggles and headlamp (how else could we see where we need to paint?). Also met an awesome crew of artists from down the block to collaborate with. Stoked.

  • We get by with a little help from our comrades

    By / June 20, 2015 / Uncategorized

    This week, with the help of a friend with a truck, the Bx Social Center organizing crew took a voyage down to a distant land (Brooklyn). We picked up some chairs, speakers, a desk and a folding table from Film Biz Recycling, which is going out of business. Unfortunately, we hit rush hour on the… [read more]

  • To Build, You First Gotta Break Down

    After throwing out the junk that was in the space last week, today we took down the walls. Before we got access to it, the space was used as a training center for youth to learn drywall, tiling, that kind of stuff. Dusty, but satisfying.

  • Bye Bye Junk

    Today we bagged and tossed a lot of the junk that was in the space, including weird children’s toys that looked like an alien spacecraft. They weren’t salvageable–a lotta grime on them.

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